Contos ao Luar: Histórias do Reino Animal - para aprimorar seu Inglês

Contos ao Luar Histórias do Reino Animal - para aprimorar seu Inglês

Chapter 1: 

The Moonlit Gathering Under the silvery glow of the moon, the animals of the kingdom gathered in the clearing. The air was filled with anticipation.

 The wise old owl, perched on a high branch, hooted to signal the start of the meeting. He announced a storytelling competition, the winner of which would receive a special prize.

Chapter 2: 

The Brave Little Mouse The first to tell his tale was the little mouse. He squeaked out a story of a night when he had outsmarted a big, scary cat. 

He spoke of his fear, his quick thinking, and his triumphant escape. The animals clapped their paws and wings in admiration, learning that size does not define bravery.

Chapter 3: 

The Kind-hearted Elephant Next came the elephant, his voice deep and soothing. He told a story of a time of drought when water was scarce.

 He spoke of his journey to a distant lake and how he carried water back in his trunk for the other animals. The animals listened in awe, understanding the importance of kindness and helping those in need.

Chapter 4: 

The Wise Old Owl’s Decision After the stories were told, the wise old owl took a moment to reflect. He praised the mouse for his bravery, the elephant for his kindness, and all the other animals for their wonderful tales.

 He then announced that everyone was a winner for sharing such valuable lessons. The prize was a grand feast under the moonlight, where all animals celebrated their unity and shared wisdom.


As the moon set and the sun began to rise, the animals returned to their homes, their hearts full of new stories and lessons. 

They understood that every creature, no matter how big or small, has a story to tell and wisdom to share. And so, under the moonlight, the animal kingdom grew closer, bound by the magic of storytelling.

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